Hendersonville Firearms Current Specials

Hendersonville Firearms Current Specials

Special Ordering

If we do not have what you want in stock at our Hendersonville firearms shop, we will order it for you at our delivered cost plus a small handling fee.

Legal Transfers

If you buy a firearm on line, we will handle the transfer at our shop for a flat fee of $15!!

Safety Bullet

Hendersonville Firearms dealer Checkpoint Armory, LLC is proud to announce that we now carry Safety Bullet–the most innovative approach to provide both safe storage and nearly instant access to a loaded firearm. We could not be more pleased that we have been chosen to be the exclusive dealer for Western North Carolina.

If a Safety Bullet is loaded in your firearm and a child or unauthorized person pulls the trigger, the Safety Bullet discharges and pushes a polymer plug into the firing chamber, rendering the gun useless.  While this plug locks up the gun so that the slide cannot be pulled back or the cylinder turned, it does not harm the gun in any way and can be quickly removed and the firearm restored to proper function–
if you know how to do it!!

For more information, and to see demonstration videos, visit the manufacturer’s website at http://www.safetybullet.com

You can order a package of two (2) Safety Bullets in most common calibers for only $24.99 plus shipping by emailing us at checkpointarmory@gmail.com or directly from the Safety Bullet, LLC website link above.